Looking back at it… there is actually a holiday after Halloween & before Christmas.

When it comes to decorating, I think people tend to follow the traditions of their childhood.  Growing up, we actually acknowledged Thanksgiving and had pumpkins and cornucopias out in the month of November.  You would never catch a Christmas tree up in my parent’s house before Thanksgiving.  Not allowed.

One of my favorite things to decorate is my bar cart.  I became OBSESSED a couple years ago when carts started popping up everywhere.  I just think it’s such a cute addition to any home.  You can do manly ones for bachelor pads or your theme can be, Gold and Extra, like mine.IMG_7224

Bar Cart (no longer available): Amazon I bought a silver one & spray painted it gold
Cream Studded Pumpkin: Target  LOVE LOVE LOVE these, I bought 2, & only $6.
Gold Dot Canvas: Hobby Lobby
‘Olive Me’ frame: Hobby Lobby
Tipsy: I took a greeting card and found a cute gold frame to put it in.  The frame didn’t have a hook to hang it to the wall so I cut the cardboard backing horizontally in 2 one-inch slits and slid a tied ribbon around it and then hung from the ribbon.  (see below)
Fall Floral: Michaels – I’m sure 50% off.  Then just find a really pretty wired ribbon to tie around the vase
Leaf Plate & Gords: Michaels
Turkey: Hobby Lobby (years ago)IMG_7235*Never be afraid of a little duct tape.  The frame is pretty heavy, so I reinforced with good old fashioned silver duct tape. Didn’t know from the first picture, didja? IMG_7225


My other favorite part of my fall decorations is my Pumpkin Patch.  I started collecting pumpkins years ago knowing I wanted a to do a large display.  Every time I see one made out of a different material or a different color than what I have, I buy it.

The best thing to do for a big display is get varying sizes, shapes, colors, and put at different heights.  Notice the white pumpkin is up on something.  I feel like changing the height of items is something people miss and what helps make a display look great.

Below you will see orange, white, gold, purple, some flat wooden, iron, velvet, ceramic etc.  all from Hobby Lobby, Target, or Michaels.. you know, the essentials.


Happy Thanksgiving!


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