Looking back at it… I knew nothing good came out of South Dakota.

This story comes from what me and my friend call a “live swipe”.  We actually met at the Rustic and not on an app… well sort of.  Last year, I saw this tall drink of water at the bar for happy hour.  We kept making eye contact until finally he came over to me.  We hit it off.  I ended up sitting with him for a couple hours at the bar just chatting.  He was tall, built like a linebacker, which I love, and from South Dakota.  33 and had a great career.  Fast forward and things ended up just fizzling out… couldn’t find time to make plans, so we eventually stopped trying and moved on.

About 6 months later, I am swiping on Bumble and I see him!  I swipe yes just to see what would happen.  Well, he did too, so we started chatting again.   We decided to meet for coffee one day before work.  Not my favorite move, but I obliged.  He texts me about 15 minutes BEFORE the scheduled meet up time letting me know he was there at a table to the left.  Wow!  I was impressed.  I, not being a morning person, and someone who will not get up one minute before I need to, told him I would be there in 15 minutes.  Grabbed a coffee and again, ended up chatting for a while.  We picked up right where we left off.  It felt like I had known him forever.  I’m starting to think there is some real potential here.

Towards the end of the coffee date we discuss our weekend to try to make further plans.  He informs me that the following week he has to go to South Dakota for work.  Oh that’s cool, for how long?  Ohh probably 4-6 weeks.  WHAT?  Well, thanks for the coffee.  We made plans to meet up again when he got back.

He went to South Dakota for work. AND THEN HE NEVER CAME BACK.  Ever.

And that’s literally how that story ends.


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