Looking back at it… sometimes candy from your Uber can be okay.

A few years ago, I met this guy on Match.  Instantly he was a great conversationalist.  Just witty banter flying all over the place.  He was one of those people I felt like I could really be myself with and talk how I would normally talk… in mostly sarcasm and song lyrics.  We set up our first date.

We end up going to a Mexican restaurant I had never tried, at his suggestion, after we of course discussed our love for Mexican food.  I love when a guy asks about your preferences and is assertive and just picks a place for the date.  Already starting off with bonus points.  We meet in the restaurant and there’s an instant connection, like we had known each other for years.   While we are eating, it starts to downpour outside.  I’m talking you could have row row rowed yourself down McKinney Ave.  We decide that we might as well stay at the restaurant to avoid the rain, so we start making our way through the cocktail menu.

Finally there is a break in the rain and we decide to go somewhere else to continue the date.  We get in an Uber.  This Uber had starburst filling the door storage.  Normally I never touch or accept the candy an Uber offers… or drink the water (I saw that Dateline.)  He and I both grab a Starburst and put it in our hand.  I say to him, “If our Starbursts match then…” and he finishes with “I get a kiss.”  Ok, ok, I see you. I’m not mad at it.

I open my hand: Yellow Starburst
He opens his hand: Every color of Starburst that exist

I die laughing at his attempt and his charm and of course he gets the smooch.  More bonus points.

We end the night.  Fast forward to our second date.  He picks me up at my apartment.  I go to get into his truck and there is a present in the front seat.  Surprised, I say, “Whats this!”  He says, “Open it.”

yellow starburst bag


Recently, I saw this meme:
Instantly I remembered this date and thought… nah, the yellow Starburst aren’t so bad 😉


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