Looking back at it… I wish Freddie Prinze Jr. would have been there.

Destination: Cape Cod… with a side of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket

I am obsessed with travelling.  It’s my new most expensive hobby.  It’s also one of the great things about being in your thirties, you actually have money to do it.  This summer, my Mom and I did a girls’ trip to Cape Cod for a week.  We wanted something relaxing, a place we have never been before, where we can sleep in, drink mimosas, shop all day, and eat really good food (lobstah anyone?).  Boom. Cape Cod.

When I plan a trip, my OCD kicks into overdrive.  Once we picked the destination, I found us the best flights, rental car, and the cutest little house rental.

After those logistics are planned, I start to research the area for things to do, places to eat, shops, bars, etc.  I also make my own map on Google maps.  I know, Im a freak.  Usually any place you go there are a lot of things to do… and I am very visual so I need to see where those things are so I can also plan the itinerary and group things that are close to each other together.  You don’t want to be driving back and forth when you could have just organized your days.  Hi OCD.  I add to the map restaurant recommendations, shops, beaches, places to see.  You can also see directions and how far things are from you. Here is my Cape Cod map: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pP7kNEOuecVYJPkp4PNRA871VwA&usp=sharing

I use the term “itinerary” loosely.  Some things we had to pick a day and purchase in advance, like Whale Watching, other things like going to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket we could pick any day, since they had ferries there everyday.  I loosely mapped out what days we should do what.  We went Saturday to Saturday, as most house rentals require.

Overall, here are some of my recommendations: 

  • Book housing through https://www.weneedavacation.com/Cape-Cod/Vacation-Rentals/ It’s legit even though the name sounds a little cheesey.  It’s their VRBO or AirBnB.
  • One tip I was given by a friend was when you land in Boston, get your groceries and liquor in Boston. Once you get to the Cape it is significantly more expensive.  This was CLUTCH.
  • We stayed in Chatham (Where Summer Catch was filmed, actually right next to that baseball field).  If I were to book again, as first timers, I would have stayed in Hyannis.  It is where the port is to go to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket and they had a few more restaurants and bars so we ended up driving there at night anyway.  Chatham is a little more calm and relaxed, so if that is your goal, it is also a great place to stay!
  • Chatham Squire Restaurant – amazing lobster bisque (to these Texas girls at least!)
  • Torino’s in Hyannis – great wine list and live music on a patio.  Perfection.
  • Whale Watching – a MUST do! We booked with https://whalewatch.com/.  It was awesome.  Saw several different kinds of whales and it lasted about half a day.  Favorite part of the trip for both of us!
  • The Lobster Pot – while you are in Provincetown, after you whale watch, have lunch at The Lobster Pot.
  • Martha’s Vineyard – you have to see the painted cottages and the Flying Horses Carousel – oldest carousel in America.  There is also lots of shopping!
  • Nantucket – If I did this trip again, I probably would have tried to stay a night in Nantucket or gone back another day.  It is quintessential Cape Cod.  This is what we imagined when we thought of this part of the country.  Cobblestone roads, tons of great shopping, bars, restaurants.. although no celebrity sightings.  We had some extra time one day and did a city tour.  Also really cool and a great way to see most of the island!
  • Lastly, either leave room in your suitcase for your shopping, or do like we did and buy a carry-on bag to put all of your Cape Cod finds in to get them back home! Shopping is my cardio.

If you are thinking about going and have any questions, I’m happy to help!

And now here are just a bunch of photos from the trip: 

FullSizeRenderIMG_7649Photo Jun 24, 4 34 11 PMIMG_6023Photo Jun 28, 9 12 01 AMPhoto Jun 28, 12 26 17 PMFullSizeRender2Photo Jun 27, 4 19 52 PMIMG_6330



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