Looking back at it… if the texting is boring, the date will be boring.

41. Pilot.  Button down blue jean laid back type.  Swipe. Match.  Let’s give it a whirl.  We start chatting and it’s your typical question series.  How are you?  What do you do? Where do you live? What do you do for fun?  These are fine and can be productive, but I’m a big fan of witty banter and if it isn’t there… it usually doesn’t end well.

Although the texting is kind of slow, once again, I try to give the benefit of the doubt and think, maybe it’ll be better in person.  Sometimes text isn’t everyone’s strong suit.

We agree to meet for drinks on a Friday night.  He calls me that day just to chat and confirm details.  I give extra points for the phone call because I do love and appreciate someone who picks up the phone.  However, the phone conversation was AWKWARD.  Awkward silences.  No conversational flow. I think I even gave a super fake awkward laugh.  At this point I knew the date was going to be lackluster.  I’ve gotten a lot from my mother, and one thing is our amazing intuition.  It’s rarely wrong.

I went to the bar about 10 minutes late in hopes he got there first.  It didn’t work.  I got there first.   We got a beer and sat on the patio.  I felt like I was in the second round of job interviews about to land a big gig… only the big gig was me still being single sitting on my couch on a Friday night.

He starts talking about other terrible dates he’s been on from the app.  I’m not sure where you think a conversation like that can go.  He says that one girl asked him, “What’s your biggest weakness”.  He tells it to me in a way like, “isn’t that crazy, who would ask that!” Then he stares at me, for about 3 seconds longer than was comfortable and says, “Well how would you answer that?” <serious face> Soooo you’re making the point that that’s a weird question but now you’re actually asking me it? Awkward.  I told him, “I ain’t got no weaknesses, bih.”  No, I didn’t.

We actually get another drink because well, why not, and the conversation continues to be slow and not funny at all.  Then we walk out and somehow, I ended up walking him to his car because he drove there. Of course he did, he’s 41 and lives in the burbs.

I ubered to another bar and met my friends for drinks. I told them I got the job.


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