Looking back at it… where have the men gone?

I met this guy on Match.  He was very handsome, just my type and we had really great banter which ya’ll know is my favorite.  We get off email and start texting.  There is a LOT of texting.  In my younger years, I too was dexter the texter.  However now, I would prefer calling and actually having a conversation.  Hearing a voice and really getting a sense of a person is SO MUCH BETTER.. Also being able to hear someone laugh at my jokes, cuz you know I got em!  He has like an arsenal of questions. Almost to where I feel like Im being interviewed.  I actually asked him if he had a list he was following. Yes, I know that was kinda bitchy but seriously, it was a lot.  However, I do appreciate the effort in wanting to get to know me.

This was a guy I met while on a cleanse so we decided to meet for coffee.

We meet at Starbucks. I spot him before he spots me.  He looks like his pictures.  Whew.  Actually even cuter in person than his pictures.  We meet and he starts talking and HOLY ACCENT.  He has the biggest country/cajun/Louisiana/creole accent I have ever heard.  I don’t even know what he said the first 5 minutes because all I could hear was Bobby Boucher.  Another good reason to call ahead, I wouldn’t have been so distracted.

We end up sitting with our coffee for about an hour and a half.  I was unsure on how I felt by the end of it, but thought it went well enough to explore a second date.

Our coffee date was on Sunday.  On Monday, we kept texting and discussed a second date.  I said sure, let’s do it!  I asked him what he wanted to do given my temporary no eating or drinking alcohol restrictions.    He said he would come up with something and let me know.  He also said I should think of some things, I said “sounds great.”

On Tuesday, I had a busy day at work and had another coffee date that night with someone else.  He and I didn’t text all day and I didn’t really think anything of it.. I was super busy and had a lot of things going on.. what I expect other people have as well.

First thing Wednesday morning, I get a text:

“not talking anymore?”

Ummm what? This is what I get to wake up to?

I reply, “Well good morning! How are you! What are you talking about?”

Where have all the men gone?  We have been on one date and it has been one day, why are you so insecure? I would say you are being like a girl, but thats an insult to women.

He said something about not hearing from me.  I said I thought the conversation was over and in a place where I didn’t need to respond.  Im not sure what you’re questioning.  He then tried to rebound and move on like everything was okay and he didn’t send a crybaby text first thing in the morning.

He attempted solidifying the date later that day via text.  I was so over it so I said, “given your passive aggressive text this morning, Im going to have to pass on a second date.  I don’t think this is going to work out.”  He loses it and says something about my bullshit excuse for not texting him back and my bullshit behavior, and then says that he’s “no longer interested and please do not reach out anymore.”  Ok dude, I just said that, but sure, this was your idea.  I almost responded “Ok, have a good night!” but I refrained.

I don’t understand this pussification of men.  I honestly think it should be studied.  Another guy I dated recently was like this and needed CONSTANT validation.  And this AFTER ONE COFFEE DATE.

It’s official. I’m searching for a unicorn.


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