“Why are you still single?”
“Oh my gosh, I love your decorations!”
“You made an itinerary for your trip?”

Dates. Decor. Destinations.

I am a 32 year old single girl living in Dallas, Texas. When I’m not working, I’m going on dates, decorating for every holiday or re-decorating my apartment, or planning travel and/or traveling to some amazing destinations.

Whether you are single or married, male or female, some of these dating stories will significantly make you feel better about your life.

No matter your craftiness level, I hope to show you some easy ways to decorate and also how to spend an entire paycheck at Hobby Lobby.

I’m OCD. I️ make custom maps and itineraries for most trips I plan. Sometimes the itinerary is sit by the pool and never let your glass get empty, sometimes it plans your every move. Balance. Hopefully some of my OCD will help your next vacation destination.

It’s time to Look Back At It.